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World Series MVP Hideki Matsui celebrated the Yankees win at today's tickertape parade. And while we have no idea if plans to keep the party going this evening, he probably should know that no less than 100 lovely ladies are going to be waiting for him on West 33rd Street tonight, including "Suki" (right) who happens to be fluent in Japanese. Oh, and Hideki's wife is invited, too, naturally.

Matsui, who, it should be noted, is a longstanding fan of all things XXX and has a famously large porn collection, is cordially invited to be the guest of honor at the strip club Rick's Cabaret this evening. Per the press release:

Yankee Hideki Matsui, MVP of the World Series, has a big fan club at Rick's Cabaret. Several of the club's sexiest sirens speak Japanese and want to "show and tell" their hero exactly how they feel about him. "We want to give him his own personal Victory Parade at Rick's — 100 girls toasting him with champagne!" declared Suki, 34D-23-32. "We know he's married and we hope he'll bring his wife! Everyone wants to dance for the woman that won his big heart," added 23 year-old Swedish beauty Elke, 36DD-27-35.