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Former supermodel Stephanie Seymour and newsprint mogul Peter Brant are in the middle of a very messy divorce at the moment. Neither side has spoken out about their imploded marriage, since Seymour and Brant signed an agreement barring them from discussing the feud publicly. But presumably Brant and Seymour's lawyers didn't address the subject of sexy photos, which explains why the December issue of Vanity Fair features a collection of half-nude photos of the 41-year-old ex-model by Mario Testino. (Brant will get a spread of his own in the January issue, we imagine.)

Writes Testino:

At issue in the divorce are not only money and property—including commissioned portraits of Seymour by artists such as Julian Schnabel, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, and Maurizio Cattelan (the last's contribution is a bust of the supermodel that has been variously described as calling to mind a hunting trophy or the figurehead on a ship's bow)—but also custody of the couple's three children, aged 15, 13, and 5. Not to mention the family's dignity.

As for the bust which Testino alludes to, you can see a picture of it here (scroll down). Suffice it to say maintaining the "family's dignity" doesn't appear to have been a priority for the Brants for quite some time.

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