What's the only thing worse than another "Open Letter to Jerry Yang?" A freaking poem to Jerry Yang. Shakespeare was so much better at this, plus he didn't put his vanity site's URL in the final stanza.

dear mr. yang, i am double o'trouble you may remember me from the 1.0 bubble you held on to me then despite all the chaos please spare me from the 2.0 layoff even though times call for you to be frugal don't leave me for dead like your deal with google i have little saved i'm facing foreclosure i NEED this job to keep my composure i've increased in value unlike my shares plus i have more skills than ballmer has hairs i can save yahoo! i have vision and moxie and more plans for business than guy kawasaki i stood up for you called bloomberg unfair when cuban suggested that you grow a pair so please spare my job from the release wait, what? googles hiring? i'm outta here, peace from double o'trouble, founder of http://www.stealthyourself.com