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Angelina Jolie has picked the latest far-flung country from which she plans to pluck another child. And the winner is Syria! According to OK!, which first broke the news of Jolie's latest acquisition, Brad Pitt has decided to sit this one out, since he thinks six kids is plenty. But the people of Syria sure are thrilled!

According to the Arab news channel Al Arabiya, Jolie's decision to adopt a Syrian baby may very well change how American view the Middle Eastern nation from now on: "After making it on America's infamous 'axis of evil,' Syria will now become synonymous with Angelina Jolie's brood."

And as for Jolie's decision to move ahead despite Pitt's objections, Al Arabiya offered up this theory: "Maybe Jolie is insisting because she seemed to have fallen in love with the Syrian people on her trip to the historical country." Maybe! But who cares about the specifics, really? The biggest party Damascus has ever seen is going down tonight. (Just be sure steer clear of the ceremonial gunfire.)

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