I'm from MIT, so I'm hardwired to hate on Harvard Law grad Julius Genachowski, the so-called technology guy newly named to our Internet President's transition team. His company, LaunchBox, helps Web and mobile entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to get seed funding. That makes him a Paul Graham wannabe to me. He spent eight years working for Barry Diller at IAC as general counsel. Is that a plus or a minus?To be fair, Genachowski is said to be a clear thinker, and he hasn't yet locked up Barry O's slot for America's CTO. Insider gossip says he's eyeing the FCC instead, where he previously served under Reed Hundt. Fine with me — Genachowski is a lawyer who I'm sure can grasp net neutrality. But if this turns out to be Obama's idea of a technologist, I'm going home to cling bitterly to my guns and religion.