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Erin Lucas didn't return to The City for a second season, sadly. But just because she isn't playing Whitney Port's best bud on MTV on Tuesday nights doesn't mean she's been sitting around twiddling her thumbs. Louis Vuitton debuted its new ready-to-wear boutique and 2010 cruise collection at Saks Fifth Avenue on Tuesday, an event that turned the store's third floor into a lush indoor garden. It was amid the flora and fauna that party correspondent Douglas Marshall caught up with the TV starlet to chat about what she's up to now, what she's got coming up, and her former castmates from The City.

Q: I was just talking to a friend of yours and she said that you're appearing in a new short film. Is that correct?
A: Yes. It's called Bonnie and Bonnie and it will be viewable on The premiere is tonight.
Q: And you are nervous about it?
A: I am! I haven't seen it yet.
Q: And you play a lesbian?!
A: Yes! A lesbian bank robber. Hence the name. It's a take on Bonnie and Clyde.
Q: So what was it like to play a lesbian?
A: Exciting!
Q: I understand you're involved in a spicy scene, too.
A: Yes, that's true. [Lucas shares a moment of passion with Israeli model Adi Neumann.] A little whiskey was required beforehand to loosen up a bit.
Q: Are you a method actress? Did you have to live as your character off-screen for a little while to nail the role?
A: Ha! No, no. It's a silent film. It was just a really fun day for me. I got to dress up in really pretty clothes and hang out with really fun people.
Q: I heard somewhere that you are working on a new reality show about being the daughter of a rock star. [Lucas, née Erin Williams, is the daughter of Cliff Williams of AC/DC.]
A: Nope, that's not true. You're the second person to ask me that, actually. But, no, I'm not doing another reality show.
Q: Is there a show to be made in the future about being a rock star's daughter?
A: I changed my last name for a reason. That's my personal life and I want to keep that personal. But I'm working on several exciting new projects. Unfortunately, I can't talk about them just yet.
Q: Are you a full-fledged New Yorker now?
A: You tell me. I don't know. I've been here seven years. Does that make me a New Yorker?
Q: Didn't Carrie on Sex and the City once say you have to live in New York for 10 years before you were a real New Yorker?
A: Well, I guess I'm almost there!
Q: Did you vote in the city elections last week?
A: I'm still registered in Florida. I'm a bad girl, clearly.
Q: So I have to ask. Have you been watching The City since you left the show?
A: I've seen it a couple of times, but I've been traveling so much that I haven't had a chance to watch much TV.
Q: Are you still friends with any of the cast members?
A: Yes! Sammy [Samantha Swetra] is still one of my best friends. I don't talk to Whitney that much these days. But no harm, no fowl. It's not really a big deal.