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The Freedom Tower at Ground Zero has been in the works for years and years now—and it still won't be finished until 2018—but just so it isn't delayed by any errant workers who might slip off for ten minutes to go fetch a sandwich, the geniuses at the Port Authority have decided to install a Subway on-site.

The sandwich shop, which opens later this month, isn't located at the base of the rising tower, however. It will be be attached to one of the cranes:

The shop, expected to be in place by the end of the month, will be fitted into a shipping container-like structure fixed to one of the tower cranes, alongside a bathroom and construction offices for the project managers.

The concession stand will rise with the tower, eventually stopping near the 105th floor — at roughly the height of the old Twin Towers, or about as high as the former Windows on the World restaurant was, Port Authority officials said.

PA spokesman Steve Coleman said having the concession near the top of the construction project would speed up the work.

"This will allow construction workers to stay in the tower throughout their shift rather than having to go up and down," Coleman said.

It's unclear if this is some sort of paid sponsorship on the part of Subway. But if you see a tacky yellow "Subway" banner hanging from the crane as it rises above the site of the former World Trade Center, you'll have your answer.

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