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One of the nastiest and longest-running feuds in fashion history has been revived. Since the mid-1980s, Ralph Lauren has been doing his damndest to prevent the U.S. Polo Association from marketing products bearing a horse-and-rider logo. It's a case that has taken the two sides to court on numerous occasions over the past 25 years, with Lauren suffering a stinging defeat in 2005 when a federal jury decided that the USPA had the right to produce a own clothing line since its logo featured two horsemen with mallets, as opposed to the solo player depicted in Lauren's version. Now the two sides are squaring off once again.

It seem the U.S. Polo Association has decided to branch out into fragrances—and plans to stamp its polo logo on the bottles, naturally—a move that Lauren isn't all that jazzed about, not surprisingly. Polo Ralph Lauren opposed the U.S. Polo Association's recent trademark application and now the USPA has slapped PRL with a lawsuit seeking declaratory relief, a move that would allow the polo association to get a green light from a judge to proceed (would prevent Lauren from suing later).

The lawsuit and exhibits are below. USA Water Polo: Consider yourself on notice.