As Barack Obama delivered his presidential acceptance speech, Oprah Winfrey prominently led the nation in a good cry. But when the cameras caught her, she was leaning heavily up against some white guy. Who was that?? Oprah basically owns Chicago, so the Sun-Times promptly deployed an investigative team to find out. The man is Sam Perry of California's Silicon Valley, he is an Obama volunteer and contributor, a former wire-service reporter, and basically one of the nicest guys ever, according to his wife, who should know. Her quote and a clip of the Daily Show making fun of Perry, after the jump.

Perry, a Harvard man, is fluent in Swedish and loves hockey, photography, and soccer. And he's nice!

His wife, Lisa Olson, described him as a man with a "generous heart" who would gladly give his shoulder to anyone to lean on.

"He just has the most open heart," Olson said. "He's just this guy if you need a shoulder, that's fine."

Winfrey said she didn't know him but that "he was very nice to me" and let her sob mascara all over his shoulder. Awww. She's putting him, of course, on her show today. She's calling him "Mr. Man" and everything. Multimillion-dollar TV deal to follow, along with tire-slashings courtesy Gayle and Stedman.

(Daily Show video up top.)