Val Kilmer Ponders New Mexico Governorship

  • Val Kilmer announced that he's officially thinking about maybe running for governor of New Mexico. Once he bounces the idea off some political types. [Post]
  • Kevin Bacon, presented without comment: "The men's room is always the best place to meet your admirers." [Post]
  • If you got a late-night text from Paula Abdul saying "Peace has begun," don't worry, she was just drunk on Hope. [People]
  • Breaking: Tila Tequila is an attention hog and probably straight! [X17]
  • You're getting a Sex And The City movie sequel whether you like it or not. [OK!]
  • If you see Naomi Campbell in the airport, being escorted past security, booing is a perfectly legal and appropriate response. And thanks to the heavily armed guards, it's probably safe, as well. [R&M]
  • Sean Combs turned more than 60 people away from his party for not wearing "presidential attire." [R&M]
  • Hollywood producer of superhero movies is busted for drunk driving, avoids jail sentence with just 40 hours of community service. So logically he screws it up and only does four. Excellent work, Jon Peters. [P6]