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It didn't very long for people to notice that the photo of Demi Moore on the cover of the December issue of W had been photoshopped. Half of her hip was missing! The magazine didn't even try to deny that the photo had been retouched. (A W spokesperson said the mag "did not do anything unusual or out of the ordinary," but since fixing up a cover photo is standard stuff, that didn't mean very much.)

Nevertheless, Moore has been absolutely adamant that the photo is 100 percent legit and has been lashing out—via Twitter, naturally—at any suggestion she's isn't every bit the perfect human the cover of W makes her out to be.

But now it's on. LA-based photographer Anthony Citrano says he'll give $5,000 to the charity of Moore's choice if she (or W) can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it's the real deal. Will Moore accept the challenge and potentially walk away with $5,000 to then squander by turning it over to the Kabbalah Centre? Don't disappoint us, Demi!

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