Nobody wanted to fess up this week. Sergey Brin's journalist mother-in-law can't come out and say that she's in the tank for Google. Wall Street Journal conference organizer Kara Swisher won't confess that she's mean to Google precisely because the search engine employs her newly married spouse. And that's just the beginning.VentureBeat blogger MG Siegler doesn't want to admit he's dating Pownce founder Leah Culver, though their affair is surely the only reason he thought an outage of the little-used site was newsworthy. Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg won't say that a Washington job might be the reason she's defending ex-boss Larry Summers. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is mum on why he let the carmaker get so short on cash, but we have a theory on why. Can anyone just come out and say it? We're all too human — which is the thing we hate to admit most of all. (Photo by unclebumpy)