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So much for that report in the Daily News yesterday that fallen publicist/socialite Ali Wise has signed on to appear in Tinsley Mortimer's upcoming reality show, Empire State. A publicist for Wise—yes, even publicists have their own publicists from time to time—says that Wise has not (yet?) agreed to appear on the CW show.

The Daily News has since revised its original story based on Wise's denial, although what remains doesn't make a whole lot of sense. According to the new version of events, Wise did appear on camera when the Tinz's crew filmed a party for Stacey Bendet's new Alice + Olivia pop-up shop last week. But she supposedly hasn't signed a release allowing the CW to air the footage. And while Wise's flacks insist she hasn't agreed to cooperate with the show, the paper's source says she "will continue to be shot for Empire State while she's out and about in NYC—at least up until her next NYC court date, on Jan. 14."

So either Wise really doesn't have anything to do with the show and her name was tossed out to the Daily News in an effort to generate yet more press for Tinsley's troubled show. (And she's been known to do some silly things to stir up attention, clearly.) Or Wise is taking part—or at least thinking about it—but isn't ready to announce her participation yet.

Take your pick. And take an aspirin if this whole saga is beginning to make your head hurt.

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