Since joining Saturday Night Live as a featured player in 2005, Andy Samberg has been an important addition to the overall tone of the show. While his 2007 flop Hot Rod proved a long career in Hollywood may not be in his future, Joanna Newsom's boyfriend has been involved in a lot of great stuff over the past three years. We all know Samberg classics like his Emmy-winning "Dick in a Box" or "Lazy Sunday," but here's five clips that you may not have seen a billion times:The SNL Digital Shorts that Andy and Lonely Island writing partners are so frequently involved in can be hit-or-miss, but when the sketch hits, it's usually a big winner. McCain throwing his running mate under the bus is what we'll likely remember from last week's SNL, but "Giraffes" is typical of Samberg and his writing partners, whose comedy I would describe as a tender blend of The State and The Kids in the Hall: I'm not sure whose brainchild "Dear Sister" was, but this incredible parody of the season two finale of The O.C. never fails to amuse me for some reason. The video below is a parody of a parody, with some kid cutting himself into the misery:

"Andy's Dad" was from last season, when guest star Jonah Hill began a sumptuous bouquet of a relationship with Andy's father Ben Samberg. This is a great example of something you wouldn't necessarily have seen on SNL in years past, from the unconventional structure to the explicit oral: Who can forget Andy's serenade of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, "Iran So Far" from last season's premiere? Lastly, just for kicks, there's Andy Samberg's introduction on Weekend Update: What did I miss? Please nominate your favorites below.