During Obama's presser yesterday, he somehow found the time to call Nancy Reagan a wack job. While explaining that he'd been in touch with all the presidents, he clarified himself by saying "the living presidents," quipping that he "didn’t want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about, you know, doing any séances." Barack quickly apologized to the former First Lady, but should he have? No, Nancy didn't channel spirits in the White House. But she and her husband did rely heavily on astrologer Joan Quigley. Just because Nancy didn't go there, though, doesn't mean one recent former First Lady didn't get in touch with the dead.Nancy Reagan and astrologer/author Joan Quigley, and the two because close after Reagan was shot and almost killed, meeting each other on the Merv Griffin Show. When this became public, the Reagans reacted. Both the president and the first lady found themselves lying about how sympathetically they viewed astrology, and former chief of staff Don Regan's book was even attacked publicy by the Reagans for describing how closely they hewed to the stars for advice.

Professor Marcello Truzzi, a sociologist at Eastern Michigan University who has studied the Reagans' interest in astrology, said the President was apparently playing down his own fascination with the subject. Mr. Truzzi pointed out that in his autobiography, ''Where's the Rest of Me,'' Mr. Reagan describes the astrologer Carroll Righter as a good friend and relates how he negotiated a contract with Mr. Righter's advice in mind.

Probably should have asked these stars instead:

According to Bob Woodward's book The Choice, the last first lady to stage anything like a séance was Hillary Clinton, who met with a spiritual adviser who helped her reenact conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt. "These were people who were helping her laugh, helping her think," said Neel Lattimore, Clinton's spokeswoman at the time. "These were not séances." This is kind of a White House tradition, as Mary Todd Lincoln tried to get in touch with her deceased son in this fashion. Some have even alleged (without much proof) that previous Republicans in power like Nixon and Kissinger have routinely used the stars to guide them. Senator McCain is a Virgo, and according to my go-to site for horoscopes, he should have won the election:

A busy month that involves plenty of errand-running, tending to paperwork, and attending appointments is in store for you, dear Virgo. When Venus enters fellow earth sign, Capricorn, on the 12th, your charm increases and you easily attract what (and who) you want! You may have to deal with a partner who is acting a little irresponsible (in your eyes) or erratic this month. Romance without any strings or expectations might be the answer. The 15-16 is a period of strength for you, when your powers of persuasion are especially effective.

Had he only checked the stars before the Palin pick! Yikes. Perhaps McCain will at least get laid in four days. I'd say he deserves at least that.