The grass is always greener when it comes to The Office. When the show began running bloated hour-long episodes, viewers complained that the show became too drawn-out and dull. Back to its usual half-hour form, the show just doesn't deliver enough insane Dwight to satisfy our considerable need in that department. With The Office rounding into form after moving some characters off the show, these deleted scenes capture the small moments of Dunder Mifflin that warm our hearts.Now well off the rails of the two-season BBC series that inspired King of the Hill creator Greg Daniels' American version, The Office's new season has started to build momentum. Early storylines that didn't quite lead to yuks (Pam meets Jim's crazay brothers! Jan didn't want Michael to give her child! Michael's slightly inappropriate office romance!) have been cast aside in favor of the show's bread and butter rivalries: Dwight vs. Jim, Dwight vs. Phyllis, Dwight vs. Andy, Dwight on top of Angela. There seems to be but one common denominator here, and he is hilarious: Click to view That's an insta-classic if there ever was one. Also helping the return to form was the tremendous bluetooth phone link, New York to Scranton, between Jim and Pam through the show's episode. Jam aren't terribly funny together, and they weren't apart — so why not go with something in between? The contrivance of Jim listening in while Pam had a heart to heart with a fellow student was almost too much to bear. We want more, and the show offers up these two deleted scenes. Click to view Click to view