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Did scandal-plagued publicist/alleged voicemail hacker Ali Wise just lose a job she only started a couple of weeks ago? [Update: No, she didn't; see below.] A tipster tells us that in recent weeks Wise has been doing unofficial PR for good friend Stacey Bendet's clothing line, Alice + Olivia.

Unfortunately, Ali's efforts on Bendet's behalf haven't been well received by the celebs and Hollywood publicists she's been reaching out to, which is hardly surprising given the legal mess in which Wise finds herself and the social pariah she's become. (Wise, we hear, was involved in wrangling A-listers to turn up at Bendet's pop-up shop launch a few weeks back. Or at least that's what she tried to do.)

But now Bendet has announced that a seasoned (and scandal-free) publicist is joining the company: Susannah Draper—Tory Burch's former public relations director—who will be starting at Alice + Olivia as vice president of communications next week. Does this mean Wise's services will no longer be needed? Let's hope Bendet finds something for Wise to do. Starting over as a clipboard bitch won't be much fun. But those legal bills need to get paid somehow, especially if Wise is going to do without the reality TV cash that could be coming her way right about now.

Update: We've been advised that Ali, who has been consulting for Alice + Olivia, actually helped hire Draper and is now working to restructure the company's PR department. "We are lucky to have her," Bendet tells us. And we stand corrected.

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