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Three out-of-work bankers are in for a treat! Steven Land Clothing is looking for a few new faces to represent the brand, and it's decided to turn to the city's pool of unemployed Wall Streeters to fill the positions. There isn't any money involved, unfortunately; the three men will get $500 worth of Steven Land clothing, which means whatever chance they have of landing a new job in finance will probably be shot if they show up in what may be the tackiest clothing you've ever seen (see above). But there's always a dollar or two to be made on eBay! The press release is below.

Attention WALL STREET MEN... Out of a Job? Become the New Face of STEVEN LAND CLOTHING!

BUZZ UP! PR is looking for the new face of STEVEN LAND CLOTHING- designer/clothing manufacturer for sophisticated, stylish, professional men. We're interested particularly in casting the 'Wall Street' type and are accepting photos from non-professional male models within the United States.

Given the state of the financial markets, we are expecting to receive a bevvy of applicants who perhaps are in a career transition and are looking to try something different. STEVEN LAND CLOTHING will choose 3 models from the applicant pool and feature them on their website and online marketing campaign launching in early 2010. Additionally, the three chosen models will receive $500 worth of STEVEN LAND CLOTHING. Below is the announcement- feel free to reach out to me for further details!

Libby Lee