What's the deal Sarah Palin? Is Alaska too small-time for you to bother dolling up your hair all nice like you did for the media elites? The former Republican VP nominee's locks are, in case you didn't notice, way messy since she got back to Alaska; see the photos above, taken at her Anchorage gubernatorial office and at the Anchorage airport. Why is this terrible thing happening and how do we stop it from destroying us all?

The Alaska governor is either helpless without her campaign stylist or consciouslly trying to reintegrate with her scruffy, moose-hunting neighbors. Or perhaps Palin has suddenly lost her trademark confidence and is terribly depressed. In any case, she looked better before, as you can see in the pictures below, taken on the campaign trail within the past 10 days:

Now that's the look of a woman about to sign a multi-million-dollar TV deal! Someone please get this woman an agent so she remembers how to exploit the media spotlight again. Now is no time to underinvest and look like some kind of small town mayor or whatever.

(Top photos from AP, Anchorage Daily News, ABC News; lower photos via Getty Images.)