• The list of New York Times staffers accepting buyouts from the paper to leave has grown. And it includes Jenny 8. Lee, surprisingly). [Gawker, NYO]
• Television news: The Early Show has a new boss as of today; profits are up at CNBC; and Joy Behar's new show on HLN is doing pretty well in the ratings.
• Will Vevo, the new Hulu of music videos, succeed? That's up in the air, but it did host a glam launch party last night and traffic's been strong. [AdAge, CNET]
• Tavi, the 13-year-old blogger who's transfixed the fashion world, is writing a column for Harper's Bazaar; a bit of controversy has followed. [WWD, NYM]
• Great news! R. Kelly has signed a deal to pen his memoirs. [Vulture]
• Even better news: ABC has a reality show debuting in January that combines dating and romance with a "moving conveyor belt." It's about time! [Wrap]

• The pay wall is back. Variety will once again charge readers to access its website this week; meanwhile, the Times is still contemplating the idea.
Howard Stern's contract with Sirius expires next year. Will he stay? Will he end up leaving? Everything is a bit murky for the time being. [WSJ]
• Which top execs and division heads will remain in power once Comcast officially takes control of NBC? That's all a bit unclear, too. [NYO]
• Susan Boyle's debut album is now one of 2009's top 10 bestsellers. [DF]
• Legendary journalist Jimmy Breslin is still live. But the big celebration held in his honor last night felt like a memorial service, apparently. [NYT]
Time has issued its list of the 10 best magazine covers of 2009. [Time]