Neel Kashkari Is Not A Motivational Speaker The skittish stock market rose early this morning, but finished down 73 points, despite the best efforts of Neil "Ferrari " Kashkari, the Republican ski bum in charge of our government's Wall Street bailout package. Neel had a press conference this morning where he explained to everyone why the government is sinking $40 billion more into failed insurer AIG. Then he said "our capital markets are fragile." The market fell for the rest of the day. Dude, come on! How about a motivational phrase? Here's one we know you're familiar with:

I have dedicated my life to this football team And I will do anything to help it win. - Bernie Kosar
You know it baby! Bring back Rush, Neel ! The salvation of the Dow Jones Industrial Average depends on it! Neel Kashkari Is Not A Motivational Speaker [Top pic by commenter ]