Let's check in with Washington Post media guy Howard Kurtz. What's he up to today? He wonders how the press will deal with Obama, and vice versa, and instead of coming to any interesting conclusions about anything he quotes some people saying the press will turn on Obama and some people saying the press will cheerlead for Obama and none of it means anything, it's just free-floating cliche and partisan cant. Here are two paragraphs that basically sum it up:

[Eric] Deggans, who heads the local chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists, says television shows love to book African Americans who take on the Illinois Democrat. "I don't think it's going to be hard for black journalists to be critical of Obama, because once they are, media opportunities abound," he says. Conservative commentator Amy Holmes, a former GOP Senate aide, says the press will be tempted to portray an "embittered, embattled Republican minority" as "thwarting the will of Barack Obama. Republicans will be going into a media environment of cheerleading for Obama that will characterize the opposition as nasty rather than reasonable."

Yes, the Black Journalists association head says black anti-Obama voices will be over-represented in the media, and, without coming to any conclusion whatsoever on the veracity of that remark, Kurtz just mindlessly moves on to an unrelated statement from Amy Holmes, the former Bill Frist speechwriter. Holmes is a total sweetheart, and also, yes, a prominent black conservative, criticizing Obama in the media.