When it comes to beloved TV childhood memories gone sour, it seems few shows deliver with the consistency and longevity of The Brady Bunch—more specifically, the mother's side of the family. From little Cindy's 8:30 a.m. hangover upchuck on live talk radio, to Marcia's syphilis-fueled cocaine binges at the bottom of a 40-person Playboy Mansion man-castle, it seems these lovely girls with hair of gold have seen their fair share of hard livin'.But what of Jan—the oft-forgotten middle-child, who had seemingly clung to the straight-and-narrow? Well, if this clip from the Brady Week edition of the new, Christopher "Peter" Knight-hosted Trivial Pursuit: America Plays is any indication, Eve—while far from the most badass of the Brady bad girls—can drop a well-placed F-bomb with the best of them. (And yes, the scandalized fellow to her left is Mike "Bobby" Lookinland. According to the show's website, Maureen "Marcia" McCormick—estranged from Plumb since she spread rumors the two had experimented with Bradysexuality—was the only no-show. Hmmm...) [YouTube via VampireHours]