Us Weekly Really Sorry For Implying You Dated Guy Ritchie

  • Us Weekly issued a formal retraction saying Guy Ritchie is not sleeping with actress Kelly Reilly. Was apologizing to Reilly "for any potential embarrassment" the gossip may have a caused a big passive-aggressive dig at Ritchie? Just asking! [Us]
  • Ritchie's ex Madonna is introducing probable-boyfriend Alex Rodriguez to friends, and Ritchie is not happy. It's not clear how he feels about having to give his kids only "Kabbalah water."
  • Hillary Clinton "worked the phones" for Obama on election night, and he never even called to congratulate her on his win. [Cindy Adams]
  • This aspiring rapper is either kingpin Pablo Escobar's son, as he claims, or the dumbes... err, let's just say everyone seems to be sorting out exactly who the ambitious young gentleman is related to. [R&M]
  • It's getting so a media mogul can't even make a profit on a Hamptons estate any more. Ed Bronfman Jr. lost at least $1 million, plus renovations. But, hey, there's always the tax benefit! [P6]
  • Jon Bon Jovi: Contemporary art lover. Who knew? [P6]
  • Lindsay Lohan knows she "loves" Samantha Ronson "very much," but is still figuring out if she's bisexual or straight. Ask your girlfriend/soulmate, maybe? [Access Hollywood]