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Band-Aid heir, filmmaker, and Vanity Fair contributor Jamie Johnson has some pretty eccentric family members. (Perhaps you've heard of Casey Johnson, Jamie's first cousin, who's been in the news recently? That's her on the far right, with her "fiancée" Tila Tequila.) Well, it seems Jamie's friends are pretty strange, too.

From Jamie's most recent column posted to

A good friend of mine, who hosts me from time to time on my travels, lives with one extravagance in particular that never fails to make an impression on me. Upon returning home from each car trip, he drives as close as he possibly can to the front door of his mansion and parks with the nose of the car facing the house. Then, after he has walked inside, a staff member discreetly darts out from a concealed service building and re-parks the automobile by turning it around, which conveniently prevents the owner from ever having to reverse awkwardly from his own driveway.

Jamie goes on to explain that, sadly, his good friend is the exception, and that it's extremely difficult to find household help willing "accommodate such idiosyncratic preferences," whereas hotel employees will do just about anything if you ask (and you slip them enough cash, presumably!)

If your staff of butlers and maids have been letting you down recently, and you're thinking life would be so much easier if you simply moved into a suite at the Four Seasons, you have Jamie's approval, rest assured.

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