While we're over here getting our little heads upset about the pending Obama-inspired CRISIS OF COMEDY, fretting that there's only one extant Black President joke and desperately enlisting comedians to offer advice on humorous lines of attack on our hopey new leader, The Daily Show is going about its business as usual, being funny! Now I just feel dumb. Comedy Central Insider puts this crisis in perspective:

First of all, expecting us to laugh at politics less in an Obama administration is like expecting us to have sex less in an Obama administration. Fun things are fun to do, no matter who's President, dummy. If we're hungry for a Whopper, but we're at McDonald's, we will not starve to death. (You see, George Bush is a Whopper and Barack Obama is a Big Mac and I'll show myself to the euthenasia clinic.)

That's comedic! And the Daily Show is doing fine. They've enlisted the services of a Black Correspondent: Click to view [To be fair, Pareene knew how to make fun of Obama way back in July.]