Dov Charney's Legal Defense: Ex-Lovers Oh Dov Charney, when will you stop being sued for various sexual and financial shenanigans? The pervy , pacing American Apparel boss has been sued yet again. Just last month he was dealing with a sexual harassment case from an old employee; now, another former employee says that Dov tried to get him to inflate the company's books in order to draw in outside investors. Just your average financial fraud allegation, until Dov trotted out his accuser's old "lover":

In the latest case, [the accuser, Roberto] Hernandez says he was fired when he refused to cooperate with the alleged accounting scheme. American Apparel spokesman Ryan Holiday responded yesterday that Hernandez was fired "for performance reasons at the request of his direct supervisor." The company also offered up for interview Carolina Crespo, a graphics manager at American Apparel who said she was a "former lover" of Hernandez. She alleges that Hernandez "had a severe attendance problem - he always used to show up late." She said the chronic tardiness was related to personal problems, and that while his supervisor "gave him plenty of chances, he never came in on time."
Let this be a lesson: Fuck with Dov Charney and he will make sure that that one girl at work that you banged in the stock room will come forward with incriminating information about your attendance record. [NYP . Pic via ]