He may require enlightening in matters of gay-community relations, but no one can accuse Mickey Rourke of anything less than slavish devotion to canine-rights causes. We hear the Oscar hopeful took his beloved free-range chihuahua Loki to the Four Seasons last week, where an eagle-eyed, bat-eared Defamer operative caught what may be the tenderest interspecies mating ritual ever witnessed in the Hollywood wild:

It was very strange - we were having lunch in a conference room at the Four Seasons on Friday when in wobbles this tiny, frail chihuahua with not one but two rhinestone-bedazzled collars - one read "Loki," the other said "Mickey," and the craziest wide hips you've ever seen. I love dogs and rarely say a negative thing about 'em, but this was one creepy little dog. She wobbles in all casual, makes her way around the room, heads into the bathroom and then one of our staff members picks her up. Then, just as someone from the front desk responds to our call about a strange dog in our room, we hear someone calling "Loki! Loooo-keee!" ... and in walks Mickey Rourke. (Turns out he was at the Four Seasons doing a press junket for that new wrestler movie). He apologized profusely, took his wacky dog and left the room. Only myself and one other person in the room recognized him — maybe because he has become unrecognizable? And you bet your ass we both fell on the floor laughing upon his exit. I love L.A.

We do, too, but don't get a big head: If we could have translated the Italian tip detailing Rourke's frantic gondola-chase for Loki after The Wrestler's Venice triumph, we're certain our celeb-watching egos would still be fighting for life this morning at Cedars-Sinai. [Hollywood PrivacyWatch is written by and for Defamer readers; send your sightings to tips@defamer.com.]