Director Todd Solondz has brilliantly captured the banality, ugliness, sadness, and, ultimately, strange beauty of modern American living in films like Welcome to the Dollhouse, Happiness, and Palindromes. He's weird, but good! But now, we fear, he may just be weird. He's doing a sequel to Happiness, which is about miserable suburbanites who do things like rub semen on walls and rape little boys, and he's casting very erratically. The latest to be enlisted are Charlotte Rampling, the English French film star, and, um, Paris Hilton. Yes the heiress and tabloid magnet blonde lady is joining Rampling, Shirley Henderson (Moaning Myrtle!), Rome actor Ciaran Hinds, and Allison Janney for the film which is "part sequel, part variation" to the 1998 original. I guess it's sort of fitting, given that Hilton herself is banal, ugly, sad, and, ultimately, strangely beautiful. No word yet on who Hilton will be playing, though the production is currently filming in San Juan, Puerto Rico so we hope that maybe she's playing a young tourist who gets sold into white slavery and shipped off somewhere on a boat and she spends most of the time crying but eventually learns to oddly love her captors and then at the end, over a montage of lovely images of sad yet hopeful people, she delivers a haunting closing monologue about the transience of all things.