Robert Scoble now reports to my ex-boss This will be hilarious: Self-obsessed videoblogger Robert Scoble , managing director of, has a new boss — who's the same as my old one . Noah Robischon is leaving his job as managing editor of Valleywag's publisher, Gawker Media , to run Fast Company's websites, which include Scoble's personal blog, assumes Gawker Media publisher Nick Denton personally pulls the puppet strings at Valleywag, but since I was hired last year, I've reported to Robischon, a friend I've known since we were both at Time . Damn: This means Denton actually is personally pulling the puppet strings now, doesn't it? I'm in so much trouble . But not as much trouble as Scoble: "I'm excited to be getting back into day-to-day editorial, and building something new," Robischon writes. Translation: Scoble will have to start making sense.