The life of an Arrested Development fan is not an easy one. It's ongoing, angina-flaring dice game of will they or won't they—have first-cousin sex? Get a hand-transplant? Get a fourth-season renewal? Or, most recently, make an AD movie. One day it's yes, the next day it's no. That last one was an ouch, as Michael Cera relayed the news via a 25-second rumor-dousing call. (Sweet and sensitive our ass.) But wait—wipe those tears away, for Jeffrey Tambor—quite possibly the most wonderful Bluth of all!—says the movie. Is. Back. ON!. reports:

On the red carpet, Jeffrey told me he just spoke to Mitch and the movie is a go! He says Mitch Hurwitz spoke to him this week and while he didn’t know when the start date was, he said, ”when the writer/director calls you it’s a pretty good sign.”

Yes. Yes it is. We just got off the line with someone at Hurwitz's production company, who tells us the phone has been ringing off the hook all morning about the rumor. He promises to get back to us with something a little more official, which we'll pass along immediately. Keep your hooks crossed!