Though MADtv was canceled today, elder sketch comedy statesman Saturday Night Live is still flying high — so high, in fact, that they've finally gotten around to addressing that whole "lack of women" thing! Season breakout Tina Fey wasn't actually a cast member this year (and won't be stopping by anymore), while utility player Amy Poehler is on Archibald-assisted leave, bound for Office-related parts unknown. So what two Los Angelenos has Lorne Michaels brought on to take some of the weight off Kristen Wiig and Casey Wilson?First, we have 21-year-old Abby Elliott (above left), daughter of Chris Elliott (let's hope her tenure goes over better than her dad's brief, mid-90's SNL stint). Abby may be familiar to fans of UCB's Midnight Show, but we discovered her at Defamer back in 2006! Here's Abby playing a quavery-voiced Kirsten Dunst in the impression that won our hearts:

SNL's other addition is Michaela Watkins, a Groundlings main company player who can currently be seen as the Hamish Linklater-romancing Lucy on The New Adventures of Old Christine.

Kudos on the gig, ladies — though we're still surprised that there's no one being added to the cast who could conceivably play Michelle Obama (or even Sheri Shepherd!). We hope Maya Rudolph enjoys all those JetBlue miles she's bound to rack up.