The commie pinkos behind today's liberal fantasy spoof of the New York Times have released a video communiqué! It's basically a rundown of the printing and distribution and fabulous wonderment of the stunned populace as they considered a world free of bloodshed. The best part comes half way through: Actual NYT employee: "I don't understand what statement they're trying to make. We've been all over the Bush administration since day one. We set the standard for coverage of the Iraq war!" The faceless response: "Like Judith Miller?" NYT Guy: (turns around and leaves). Ha, they're both right! The video is below:

New York Times Special Edition Video News Release - Nov. 12, 2008 from H Schweppes on Vimeo. [A more generous response from Alex S. Jones, a former Times reporter and author and Harvard professor: "I’m just glad someone thinks The New York Times print edition is worthy of an elaborate hoax." That is correct.]