We'd previously teased today's El Coyote throwdown between "Yes on 8"-donating manager Marjorie Chrisoffersen and a crowd of gays hungry not for quesadillas but for vengeance; now, word has come out about the confrontation, and it sounds like things went not so well. The blog Shut Up! I Know! has a first-person account:

A floor manager stood in the middle of the back room where the community conference and stated that "El Coyote DOES NOT share the same views as Marjorie." He stated that 89 families were going to be affected by this boycott and one of the community members screamed out "18,000 families already HAVE been affected!" ...Marjorie walked out with (her two daughters?) on arm and spoke visibly shaken and full of remorse from a prepared statement. ...A gentleman by the same of Sam, who said he was an ex-member of the Mormon Church, asked if she was willing to donate to NO on 8. She started crying. A representative of the restaurant stepped in and stated that El Coyote was going to donate to Lambda Legal and the Gay and Lesbian Center and Sam said, I asked HER what SHE was going to do. Marjorie said: "I will not." At which point the place went insane. One of the (daughters?) started yelling at everyone telling them (and I quote) "The church just tells you when to donate, it doesn't tell you how to vote. It very, very rarely tells you how to vote." (SHUT UP! I KNOW! X2) "Marjorie is your friend-" at which point someone prominently yelled: "SHE IS NOT MY FRIEND. FRIENDS DON'T HELP TAKE THE RIGHTS AWAY OF OTHER FRIENDS AND THEN BLAME IT ON THEIR CHURCH!" Once the room calmed down, Marjorie was asked again if SHE would do anything to counteract what she had done and she said: "No." at which point someone yelled "This is bullshit" and another yelled "BOYCOTT EL COYOTE" and Marjorie was swiftly escorted out the back entrance as people dispersed saying "She just made this even worse" and a man started walking through the restaurant telling customers that "MARJORIE VOTED YES ON PROP 8 AND YOUR MONEY IS DOING THE SAME THING BY HER GIVING HER EARNINGS TO THE MORMON CHURCH!"

Box Turtle Bulletin backs up the account and adds anecdotal evidence that business at El Coyote already seems to have taken a hit: namely, you can find parking there now! Suddenly, we're boycott happy... could someone please launch a protest of Koreatown? Last time, we had to drive around for fifteen minutes to find a space!