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Unless you manage a hotel, Broadway theater or overpriced electronics store, you probably have no use for the millions of tourists who flock to Times Square every year. That's about to change. Out-of-towners can now solve murders—and reduce NYC's crime rate in the process—after they visit Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum or have dinner at Applebee's:

Some of the nation's most wanted criminals are going to see their names in lights on Broadway.

The FBI will unveil a massive Times Square billboard today that's short on movie stars in tighty whiteys and long on bad guys.

The digital billboard near the TKTS booth at 47th St. and Broadway will feature a rotating display of New York fugitives and a number for an FBI tips hotline.

"We're going to make some bad guys famous in Times Square," said Special Agent Richard Kalko. "Hopefully, we'll get some of them in handcuffs, too."

Of course, this also means if you were hoping to become a famous supermodel, just so you could see your likeness grace America's busiest intersection, you can now go out and commit a murder and you might just get there.

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