Few things made us laugh harder than Tina Fey's devastatingly precise Sarah Palin send-ups on Saturday Night Live this season (or the fact that the quote that will be attributed to the candidate for all time, "I can see Russia from my house," was said not by Palin but by Fey). Still, as the hardest working woman in comedy was repeatedly spirited away from her 30 Rock duties, we grew worried for her — after all, she has a show, a kid, a book, an Emmy, an upcoming Steve Carell romcom... couldn't Lorne Michaels let the woman rest? We voiced our concerns after the SNL sketch where Fey appeared with the actual John McCain (her sixth appearance on the show this season), and now Fey is telling EW that she took our words to heart:

"It's interesting, in that everyone seems to project onto it whatever they want. Defamer was like, 'Tina Fey was there with John McCain and she was clearly over it, and didn't want to be there.' That may have just been physical exhaustion they were reading, but it was very clear that someone was projecting that."

Certainly, while writing a 4:04 AM post we may be more prone to projecting exhaustion, but we assure Tina that we meant no harm. OK, listen up everybody, we're going rogue now: It took a lot of courage to stand next to a candidate for president and systematically satirize every facet of his campaign while never breaking character, and any jokes we made were motivated from a place of love (and an overriding concern for the gem that is 30 Rock).