Internal drama at baby picture factory OK! magazine? You don't say! Richard Desmond, the crappy celebrity mag's billionaire owner, brought in former Wenner Media exec Kent Brownridge to be GM of the American version of OK! just a couple of months ago. But apparently Brownridge hasn't been able to make any money yet, and it's making the Brit Desmond mad enough to get on a plane to the distasteful nation of America!: A tipster tells us:

"Richard Desmond has flew to NYC to meet with Kent. Since he started OK had missed it base rate everyweek. Desmond is livid about having to give advertisers money back. He hates coming to NYC and only comes when there is a problem. Before Kent arrive Richard hired Bruce Steinberg as CEO. He got fired after 6 months when sales and advertising didn't increase. If Kent doesn't fix it soon he will also get fired. He promised Richard he could make magazine profitable by end of year. Every issue since OK launched 3 years ago has lost money. Kent has just canceled the holiday party and instead they are going to johnny utah with a cash bar."

How long must these good people suffer? Update: A spokesperson for OK! denies the claim that circulation is slipping, saying "The magazine has made rate base every issue," and adds, "The magazine is doing fine…in fact…Kent is one of the only people in the magazine industry hiring people.... And currently there are five positions he is looking to fill....he is keeping head hunters busy." As for Desmond's visit, the magazine's official line is that "Richard Desmond was in the States to go on Ad calls with Kent….they did 22 calls together for 50 clients…"