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• What caused Brittany Murphy's death last month? The toxicology report hasn't come back, but Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack, is already pointing a finger at the culprit: He claims Warner Bros. killed her. Yes, the sketchy writer/director/ photographer (who claims he has a PhD and made his fortune as a currency trader and art collector) is putting the blame on the film studio, since it fired her from a job two weeks before her death and it was the stress that ensued that killed her. He's now preparing to sue Warner Bros. But you probably could have guessed that. [Daily Beast, NYP, P6]
• Those reports last weekend about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie splitting up never panned out. But it could still happen at any moment, reports Us Weekly. Why? Because Angie feels that Brad isn't "pulling his weight" around the house and she yells at him "when he makes the eggs too runny or burns something." And the "spats have gotten so bad recently" that Pitt now calls "her a bitch behind her back." If you were thinking the recent false alarm might convince the tabloids to focus their elsewhere attention, think again. [Us]
• Michael Douglas' 31-year-old son, Cameron, pleaded guilty yesterday to trafficking meth and cocaine—he was busted at the Gansevoort Hotel last July, as you may recall—and now faces a minimum of 10 years in jail. [NYP, NYDN]

• Does anyone care any more about what Tiger Woods did or didn't do with his 372 mistresses at this point? Loredana Jolie, the call girl who worked for madam Michelle Braun who claims she was one of these 372 lucky women, sure is hoping so. She's shopping around a tell-all book, which recounts how Woods got a kick out of role-playing, girl-on-girl sex, and watching men dance for one another. She also says Tiger "would engage in sex from 9 pm until the sun came up the next morning," in case you're wondering. [P6]
• John Edwards issued a statement last week admitting he's the father of Rielle Hunter's daughter, Quinn, and yesterday it was reported that Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, have legally separated. One weird twist to the story: People reports the decision to split up only came after a bizarre Christmas reunion in which Elizabeth went with Edwards to visit Quinn, bought a bunch of presents for the kid, and took pictures of her husband with his love child. [People, NYDN]
Jersey Shore news: Vinny Guadagnino says his back-up plan just in case the whole reality TV thing doesn't work out is law school. (In the meantime, maybe he could do something about giving himself a better nickname?) As for DJ Pauly D, his rate for working the turntables at weddings and bar mitzvahs now stands at $10,000-$25,000. Which is a lot more than the $1,000 he was making before Jersey Shore debuted. [Us, TMZ]
• Did Madonna recently spend a weekend with Alex Rodriguez? Us Weekly insists she did, although she's denying it. [Us via MSNBC]
• Are Elton John and Lady Gaga going to be performing together at the Grammy Awards this Sunday? That's the rumor. [P6]
• Despite the fact that she was recently photographed on a beach looking completely emaciated, Rachel Zoe said in an interview on Tuesday that the rumors that she has eating issues are "silly." The proof? "I'm going to go and eat dinner after this," she told the interviewer. (She neglected to mention if it was the first time she was eating dinner since the late '90s.) [Us]
• Charlie Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, checked out of the hospital the other day for a bad tooth infection... and then immediately checked into rehab in North Carolina. Her lawyer says she isn't being treated for addiction and is just there for a little rest and relaxation. Others say she's being treated for her issues with drugs and alcohol, which seems like the more likely reason you'd be spending time at a rehab center, no? [TMZ, Radar, NYDN]
• Jay Leno told Oprah Winfrey that he hasn't talked to Conan O'Brien since all the drama went down at NBC. But he thinks they'll talk when "things cool down." Don't hold your breath, Jay. (Or do.) [People]
• If you're one of the ten people still watching NBC's Heroes, you may care that one of the show's stars, Adrian Pasdar, was arrested for DUI. [TMZ]
• The mother of Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend, Camila Alves, would like to see the actor commit to a "formal financial agreement" since the couple hasn't married and Alves has had two of his children. McConaughey isn't really feeling it, though. [MSNBC]
• The latest accusation from Dennis Hopper's soon-to-be ex wife? She says he threatened to kill her. [NYP]
• Are you, like, totally excited for Whitney Port's new collection, which she'll be showing at New York Fashion Week? No? Allow her to convince you otherwise. [People]
• Is Kate Moss going grey, or is her colorist just experimenting? It's a great, big mystery! [DM]
Jennifer Lopez is becoming a self-help guru? No, she's only playing one on TV as part of a guest spot on How I Met Your Mother. [People]
• If you'd like to watch LeAnn Rimes—dressed in an unfortunate red sweatpants-and-sweatshirt ensemble—do a karaoke version of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" in a random Colorado dive bar, now you can! [TMZ]
• When a movie is made about his life, Ozzy Osbourne said he'd like for Johnny Depp to play him. Please bear that in mind, film producers of this planet. [P6]
• Will Ferrell and his wife, Viveca, have had their third boy. His name is Axel. [People]
Mariah Carey is a total joker. She called her husband Nick Cannon's radio show on New York's 92.3 NOW-FM and pretended to be a woman named Debbie from Long Island who was obsessed with pornography. After she claimed, "me and my husband have a very good time when we watch porn," Cannon caught on to the prank. Weird. [The Sun]