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It happens all the time. You walk into a bodega with $3 in your pocket and you're forced to make a difficult decision. Do you spend the money buying that cup of coffee you wanted? Or do you use it to buy a package of beef jerky you have a craving for? Fortunately, your troubles are officially behind you thanks to "Tribeca inventor" Matt Keiser:

Put down that espresso. And forget about chugging another Red Bull. Sleep-deprived New Yorkers have a new way to get their caffeine fix: beef jerky.

Tribeca inventor Matt Keiser, 38, came up with what he thinks is the world's first caffeinated beef jerky after spilling a can of Red Bull on the meaty snack while skiing in Utah four years ago.

Perky Jerky hit the Internet in August and will be sold in Sports Authority shops beginning next week.

"This is a great combination," said Keiser, who founded the company with his ski partner, Brian Levin, 37. "It is like vodka and orange juice, or peanut butter and chocolate," Keiser said.

Yet further evidence that NYC really is a "hotbed of entrepreneurial activity."

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