Real estate brokers have been long known as lying, cheating scumbags. We bet it's a real bitch to sell an apartment in this economy. And so, the vulture-brokers have stooped even lower, plying prospective buyers with alcohol—it's the newest new trend, reports the New York Times. It's practically real-estate date-rape! Just 'cause you show up doesn't mean you're, you know, asking for it.

But Kipton Davis, a Prudential Douglas Elliman broker from Virginia, thinks a little bourbon could be good for sales. Just as a few drinks may coax timid traders onto a dance floor, it could help them muster the courage to buy multimillion-dollar apartments.

That’s why on Wednesday night, Ms. Davis lured a half-dozen bankers, traders and friends on a condo tour of four TriBeCa buildings by offering wine and whiskey at every stop.

They sipped and listened while Ms. McGivern stressed that her client, a banker, did not need to sell. He will hold out for a buyer willing to pay for his meticulous renovation featuring Miele fixtures and wood floors imported from Austria. The crowd seemed pleased.

Ah, yes—it's the genius "I don't even care and am willing to walk away right now," the bedrock of Sales 101. For Apartment Shoppers, Some Liquid Courage [NYT]