The week Valleywag got bigger than ever Dear readers: Please don't overreact. Valleywag 2009 will have the exact same headcount as Valleywag 2007 — but an order of magnitude more readers. Owen Thomas will run the site all by himself, with me dropping in to blog once in a while. If anything, Owen (photo, left) will be meaner than before. Just look at this week.Facebook investor Peter Thiel got outed — not just as gay , but a gay who opposes immigration . Sun cofounder Bill Joy got taken in the Manhattan real-estate market. Author Sarah Lacy got a taste of her own medicine . And President Change dumped both radio and Twitter. But no one got mauled like America's CTO, Google boss Eric Schmidt . Worst of all for those guys: They're all fair game for Owen when the new Valleywag debuts.