We received a letter from a young Williamsburger in a legal "pickle." (We know a little about that!) "About ten months ago, I got a ticket for riding my bike on the sidewalk outside of the Mckibbin lofts (yes, I used to live there). Later that weekend, i got a ticket for public urination about two blocks away, near the Brooklyn Life Cafe. Sometime that Sunday, I either threw the tickets out or lost them....it was a bleary weekend, to say the least. So now, WTF do I do? Can I just show up to court and say, hey, I plead guilty for whatever you have me marked down there for in that little book? (and chances are, they've thrown out the charges.) Or, do I have a warrant [out for my arrest by now]!?" Read on to learn how to beat a ticket that you ignored. It's easier than you think!This guy just needs to call his local precinct and ask what he owes. There will be money penalties for ignoring/losing the tickets, but not jail time. The tickets that carry jail time for this kind of stuff if you ignore them don't demand money—they demand that you sit in court all day until a judge calls you and tells you to pay $20 for being a fucking idiot. The tickets most people get just get more and more expensive as long as you don't pay them. There's also this possibility, according to City Room:

"Bruce Turner, 43, said he was ticketed [for an open container] during a barbecue on Memorial Day weekend near his home in East New York. [He] showed up on Wednesday after missing his first summons in July. To his surprise, he was told that his case had been dismissed."

But seriously, dude. Just call your precinct. Adds our tipster,

"Regardless of whether or not you have an answer, I think an 'advice' email address would do us functioning alcoholic New Yorkers a service, and shit, you know you'd get nothing but entertaining e-mails in that inbox!"

That's exactly what we're afraid of.