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The idiotic "trend-tracking firm" that announced this past fall that New York had lost the title of "fashion capital of the world" has returned with another silly list. Global Language Monitor, which is based in fashionable Austin, Texas, says its "proprietary algorithm" has identified the "top 15 fashion buzzwords" of 2010, a list that begins with "Lady GaGa" [sic] and is followed by "leggings 2.0":

"The relationship between Stefani Germanotta, the girl from Yonkers, and haute couture may not be intuitively obvious, until you realize that Stefani would soon grow into one Lady GaGa," said Millie L. Payack, director and fashion correspondent of the Global Language Monitor.

Of course, if the firm can't spell Gaga's name correctly—or figure out where she's actually from (not Yonkers!)—you may want to take the rest of the list with a grain of salt.

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