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So what's going on with Gov. David Paterson and those rumors last week that the Times has been working on a "bombshell" story that may (or may not!) involve allegations that Paterson is a fan of booze-filled swinging sessions? Over the weekend, reports suggested the Times story would drop today. That didn't happen.

But a Paterson aide did confirm that the Times is working on a story about the governor, although she also said Paterson was cooperating with the paper and it wouldn't contain anything too juicy. And yet the subject of resignation did reportedly come up in conversations Paterson had with key Democratic leaders over the weekend, and a "longtime Paterson friend" tells the Post that the governor appears "increasingly detached from reality" (although that's nothing necessarily new).

So who knows, really. But if things play out the way some are suggesting they will, you can expect to hear a lot about this guy by the end of the week.

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