· Another tough week to be gay: The volatile post-Prop 8 era continued with Drew Barrymore's megaphone, a skittish Sundance, and a typically confused Courtney Love. And to top it all off, Brokeback Mountain: The Opera was shelved. · We said goodbye to Paula Goodpseed, the ex-American Idol contenstant who died outside her hero Paula Abdul's house. In better Idol news, ZOMG THIS NEW DAVID ARCHULETA ALBUM IS AWWWWESSSOMMMME!!! *Shriek!!* · Jennifer Aniston knows uncool. Like bragging about sleeping with her husband? Very uncool. · Do you prefer your Fergie with or without a labia-veil? · It took a while, but we think we finally found the worst publicist in media history. · Manhandled paparazzi stalkee Brad Pitt could learn a thing or two about handling shutterbugs from the fearsome Brad Garrett. · The TV execution chamber was busy this week, with My Own Worst Enemy, Lipstick Jungle and MadTV all canceled. · Gay marriage and male pregnancy had the ladies of The View all kinds of confused. · The outraged mayor of Batman, Turkey, probably wouldn't have allowed The Dark Knight's score to compete for an Oscar, either. · Our loyal tipsters saw Kirsten Dunst, Alec Baldwin, Martin Lawrence, Brett Ratner, Matthew Modine and a dog-chasing Mickey Rourke out on the town. · She's not a lesbian, and Barack Obama is "colored." Yes, indeed, Lindsay Lohan has a way with words. · Daniel Radcliffe's naughties. Enough said.