You might imagine that, after scanning guys' dating profiles, women would be turned off by the douche who's so proud of his gym-honed abs that he poses shirtless. But scientifically-collated data begs to differ: Dating site OKCupid has found that men whose profile photos include a shirtless shot get more responses—but only if they're the proud possessors of a six-pack. Otherwise, it's best to unveil your flabby love handles in person, duh.

Needless to say, if you're a woman, you should hoik your boobs up to your chin for the camera: there's a direct correlation between cleavage-exposure and number of responses, says OKCupid.

In conclusion: If you want to get a date in time for Valentine's day, just put pride, decorum, and dignity aside and adopt D.J. Pauly D or JWoww as your role model.

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