People often send us messages that they intended to send to a person profiled on Cityfile. They see the "Tips" box next to a particular profile and assume that's the perfect way to get in touch with some celebrity, politician, fashion designer, real estate mogul, or CEO, and off they go! As you can probably imagine, some of the messages are pretty amusing. A few selections below (with names blacked out to protect the innocent):

It's nice to know that even if you've been accused of running a giant insider-trading ring, you still have friends out there. Even if they live in Senegal and want you to give them money.

And people wonder why so many kids are screwed up today.

This is ominous! Cutler is a famous Mob defense lawyer. (He represented John Gotti for many years.) Now "The Bookkeeper" is telling him to get in touch ASAP? We've seen enough Mafia movies to know this can't be good:

Another message for Bruce. (Of course, Mob lawyers have no principles, so why this person asked this question is beyond us.)

It's sort of fitting that fans of the Guardian Angels founder/radio host would be the sort of people who only have access the Internet at the library, no?

As New York City's County Clerk, Goodman is responsible for jury selection in the city. This, however, will not get you out of jury duty. (Even if you provide contact info for your doctor.)

Welcome to modern air travel.

Blau is the president of The Related Companies, which controls about $10 billion in real estate around the country. He doesn't do scam rentals in Santa Monica that are advertised on Craigslist. (At least, as far as we know.)

It looks like someone wants Ms. Karan to know her boyfriend isn't what he says he is. His approach could be a bit more polite, though!