For those of you who don't watch The Sarah Silverman Program, you missed a tender one this week. Assuming she was bloated, Sarah didn't notice she was pregnant until about 8 months into the ordeal. She begged her doctor to abort the baby by writing "Please?" on a piece of paper, but in the end she was forced to create a new life. At the end of the episode, Sarah gives birth to a stop-animation thing. What came out of her? Click to find out.

We agree that the idea of having a character suddenly nine months pregnant is funny, but we didn't really appreciate the insane genius of this episode until viewing a behind-the-scenes look at the afterbirth. This video concerns the inspiration and execution of the episode's closing sequence, in which Sarah gives birth and kills Eight is Enough star Dick Van Patten. Aided by the creator of the game Earthworm Jim, the motley efforts of the crew of producers on Silverman proves that a lot of thought goes into the craziness of the show. I mean, what kind of nuts storyboard a demon birth? We're also not surprised that Sarah is always in character, and that the show gets most of its special-effects ideas from the internet.
Here's the clip, which will no doubt change the way you look at TV production forever. Click to view