We already alluded to the Paul Rudd-Andy Samberg nude debut on the New York art scene, but now the gracious gods at NBC have released the clip for our repeat viewing pleasure. Plus: in the show's first sketch after the monologue, Saturday Night Live took on family closeness, as Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig played Rudd's overly affectionate parents. There could be...there might be...yes, there are still jokes to be made A.O. (After Obama), even if the big guy himself didn't show up to say hello.
We've praised the show's digital shorts before, and while this one kinda petered out near the end, it was worth just for the amount of fake blood they had to use. Click to view

Was this kissing family bit a satire on America's reluctance to accept gay marriage, or just an excuse to watch Paul Rudd and Kristen Wiig kiss? It doesn't really matter, because open-mouth tongue-swapping between everyone from Bill Hader to Andy Samberg is a sure recipe for hilarity: Click to view That wasn't the most cutting Prop 8 bit, as Bobby Moynihan hit Weekend Update for a chance to bust out of the noob "featured player" role: Click to view If you missed the sketch in the show's last half hour in which Fred Armisen, Rudd, and Samberg imitate the irritating jabbering of all New Yorkers, you'll have to wait for NBC to throw it up on Hulu. Next week the fun ends when Tim McGraw brings his bald skull to the stage. Well, it was good while it lasted.