Today's Chronicle mourns the three victims of an angry coworker at SiPort, the previously obscure vendor of radio chips in Santa Clara. No surprise that CEO Sid Agrawal is remembered as a "Renaissance man," and VP of operations Brian Pugh as a "brilliant engineer." But most touching to me is the story of 67-year-old Marilyn Lewis, the HR manager gunned down by 47-year-old engineer and father of three Jing Hua Wu, because she had handled his firing that morning.Human resources is one of the most disrespected jobs in tech. Yet Lewis's two daughters told the Chron that a few years ago, their mom told them she wanted to take a Hawaiian cruise with them. Taking a week off was so out of character for Lewis that her children feared she'd been diagnosed with a fatal disease. That's how much Marilyn Lewis loved her job. In HR. At a tech company. My kind of lady. Is there anything good we can pull out of this bloody mess? I guess it's: Take the cruise.